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    The concept

    What will the big cities of the world look like in the future? Will we get around in flying taxis or on board huge aerial trams running over the tops of the skyscrapers? Beyond the science fiction angle, the transportation of goods and people represents a major economic and societal challenge for the coming years. And only innovation, exploration and dialogue will make it possible to find solutions and provide concrete answers to the transport issues that are already present in our large cities.

    Mobility has become a huge and global issue, affecting every sector and all kinds of audience. It equally concerns industrial manufacturers, software publishers, infrastructure and network solution providers, as well as other service providers. We could also add start-ups, societal players, experts in peripheral fields and research establishments. 

    On this basis, Mobility Solutions Show aims to bring together all these players to work on and jointly reflect on the means of transport of tomorrow. Our aim: improving mobility for all on a daily basis and living better together.

    Taking part in the M2S, Mobility Solutions Show editions is an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience and be part of a community of experts eager to rethink mobility solutions.


    Bring together, at the heart of a dedicated event, all the actors of the mobility sector: industrial builders, manufacturers and operators of collective and individual transport, subcontractors, developers of disruptive technologies, contractors, ...

    Discover the new practices and the latest trends

    Think together about the transport of tomorrow and reduce an increasingly perceptible divide between cities and regions

    M2S, at the heart of a powerfull international ecosystem


    In Toulouse, M2S at the heart of a powerful international ecosystem

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