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Philip Butterworth-Hayes


He is currently the editor and publisher of EUROCONTROL’s Skyway publication, the editor and publisher of and and is working as a strategic communication strategist with two inter-governmental air traffic management organisations.

For more than 30 years Philip has specialised in delivering highly complex technical and industrial aerospace information and advice to a wide number of government and industry clients.

His background includes posts as the director of communications and strategy at the Civil Aviation Navigation Organization (CANSO) in Amsterdam, the launch editor of the European Defence Agency’s European Defence Matters, the Manager of Jane’s Air Transport Division and lead consultant for Jane’s Information Group on civil aviation consultancy studies, founding editor of Jane’s Aircraft Component Manufacturers, Jane’s World Airlines and Jane’s Airport Review, a former editor of Interavia Aerospace Review, Airports InternationalJane’s Defence Industries, Jane’s Military Aircraft and several unmanned air system publications. He has been an aviation consultant to BBC Television and Time-Life books.

In 2007 he left CANSO to concentrate on developing aerospace consultancy and market report company PMI Media Ltd. Over the next two years he developed the Aviation Supply Chain Intelligence database, to map global trends in aerospace manufacturing and in 2017 launched Unmanned Airspace, a news, analysis and consultancy service focused on the global UTM industry.